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Portland Piano International (SOLO) presented Piano Day to celebrate the 88th day of the year, March 29, 2017 - an official day that's never been celebrated in the United States until now!

What is Piano Day?


Two years ago, German pianist Nils Frahm declared the 88th day of each year to be "Piano Day," a special day to celebrate the piano. The 88th day of the year was chosen because the modern piano (usually) has 88 keys. In 2016, there were more than 20 events held across the globe, from Japan, Australia, Russia, Slovenia, Germany, The Netherlands, Israel, Lithuania, France, the UK and Canada.


How did Piano Day work in Portland?

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From noon – 10pm on March 29, there was four locations in the Portland Metro area where you heard the piano played by local pianists of all ages on some of the region’s best pianos. The choice of music was up to the performer and there was no restrictions on what could be played. The events were free to the public, but each performer raised funds from the community with a minimum goal of $10 per minute played. A robust software platform was already in place to help manage the peer-to-peer fundraising process. The funds raised will be used to support the educational programs of Portland Piano International. 


Why did performers participate in Piano Day?


Played a fabulous piano. It was a chance to play on some of the best in Portland.

Made history. We did something that has never been done before in the United Sates! To our knowledge, we're the first organization to present Piano Day in the country.

Played on a world stage.  Performances were streamed live and can be watched anywhere around the globe.  

Get swag. After you perform, you received a special commemorative pin and a certificate of participation. You also got your choice of two free tickets to an upcoming Portland Piano International performance (pending availability)!

Helped a great nonprofit. Since 1978, Portland Piano International has been bringing some of the best pianists to Portland and providing educational opportunities to teachers, students and the general public through master classes, a summer festival, professional development in rural Oregon, commissioning new works for solo piano, etc.


We partnered with Trimet to bring a piano 260 feet underground for Piano Day, March 29!

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