The Clearing is generously sponsored by The Oregon Cultural Trust, Portland State University and Travel Portland.

Day sponsors: Dr. Richard & Nancy Chapman

Recital sponsors: Dr. Richard & Nancy Chapman, John Montague & Linda Hutchins, Jeffrey Morgan and Larry Vollum.


The Clearing

Thank you for joining us at our first contemporary piano festival The Clearing.  It was curated by Tamara Stefanovich and hosted by Artistic Director Arnaldo Cohen.  

The aim of The Clearing is to provide a space where music is presented in an open environment that takes away fear and allows listeners to find fantasy. The audience and performers will share in the music, ridding ourselves of barriers and finding music that is ours. We will enjoy musical labyrinths, finding that expressive purpose exists in the core of each creation.

Why have Arnaldo and I created The Clearing? We want to provide you – the audience and our young interpreters – a helping hand in walking through new musical territories. Navigating the maze of new works may be a challenge, but also a happy adventure.

It is human nature to go to a special place for learning, meditation or any experience that creates a different state of mind. The Clearing is a place where new works and masterpieces from our recent history aim to be part of a collective discovery without pressure, judgment or need for show. Instead, this is a playground of possibilities and enjoyment in the road to understanding.

We welcome everyone to take a new road with us!

Tamara Stefanovich, Festival Curator for The Clearing


Thank you for joining us at The Clearing!