Branic Howard

Branic Howard is a composer/performer engaged with sound and how place is defined by its relationship with the sonic surrounding. Whether writing for acoustic ensembles, electronic media, or dealing with recorded sound his focus is on the specific aural situation of that place or the internal ‘space’ of the music. He studied with Bonnie Miksch at Portland State University, with Daniel S. Godfrey and Andrew Waggoner at Syracuse University, and with Margaret Schedel and Daniel Weymouth at Stony Brook University where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Composition. He has participated in master-classes with Mark Applebaum, Lukas Ligeti, and Ensemble Nordlys, among others. Recently, his music has been performed by cellist Caroline Stinson at Merkin Hall, and by pianists José Menor and Michael Smith. Howard is a member of a percussion and electronics quartet who recently interpreted the music of Michael Pisaro, John Cage, and Christian Wolff. Howard also performs as an solo improvisor with electronics and computer, runs an on-location mobile recording business Open Field Recording, and heads an audio engineering program at Grant High School.

Most recently his work incorporates short distance FM radio transmissions into site-specific sound installation and explores the representation of urban soundscape by incorporating it into live electro-acoustic performance.


November 12, 2016

4:30 PM

Panel: Composition - Demystifying the Process