What's on the page or what's in you?

 “…your personality is what's carrying the music over to the audience." 

Henry Kramer Talks about Composers Intentions and Personality of the Performer

Interviewer: When you are performing classical music, they always are putting the composer on a pedestal, especially as time goes on, we’ve done that more and more…Do you feel it’s better to do [it] exactly how the composer wants it to sound, or do you think it’s good to put some of yourself into each composition and let you personality ring through the composition as well?

Henry:  I think you have to start with what the composer writes, their markings are the most important thing to go by, but I think within those markings there is so much variety that you can choose to bring out in the performance.  And I think that our personalities manifest themselves unconsciously in the way that we make decisions like that.  I think that when you hear a great pianist, you know it’s them.  That doesn’t mean that they are not doing what the composer wrote.  But, you just have to make sure that it’s not overshadowing the music.  It should be that your personality is what’s carrying the music over to the audience.